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Susyruby1 1 day ago

Build Your Own Real Food Breakfast

I'm not Vegan. In fact I love meat, chicken and fish. Real Food Daily has great food for every palette. My favorite is the tuna or should I say Almond Tuna!! But I do like to eat off of everyone else's plate. I am never satisfied with just one thing. The wonderful thing about it is you can go with anyone... vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, kosher or like me, someone that eats it all! There's always something great to choose from.

Lara 2 days ago


FAVORITE Nachos of all time!! This dish is unbelievable and incredibly delicious! Very filling or really great and super fun to share! The cashew cheese is SO good!! HIGHLY recommend ordering the Nachos next time you visit Real Food Daily! I'm a huge fan!!!!

Veganhunter94 4 days ago

Caesar Salad

This was, hands down, the greatest salad I have ever eaten. I have not had any CEASER SALADS, which are my favorite, since going vegan. The taste of the dressing isn't too overpowering, so you can really taste how good the foundation ingredients are! 10/10 would recommend. Our group of 12 ate here three times in four days when we visited L.A.

Liz 16 days ago

Breakfast Sandwich

will definitely order this again. A tasty treat!

Rileyduncan 17 days ago

Avocado Taco

The avocado taco is one of my favs. I always get at least 2 when ordering the Taco Plate. The crispy tortilla strips add just enough of a crunch for the avocado filling. The seedless jalopenos do not make it spicy.

Rileyduncan 17 days ago

Margherita Pizza

SO GOOD! Crust was slightly thick but not too much. Good amount of sauce and "cheese". Would order again!!

Ohitsjustin 18 days ago


I tried the TV dinner and the nachos With taco mix and with tofu sour cream... Excuse me. I didn't know that was a thing. Lol The food here literally will not let you down. I'm not vegan nor vegetarian but I was mind blown. I could eat here every day!! Words can't describe how delicious and fresh this food is 😍

Brittany 20 days ago

Breakfast Sandwich

Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had! It's so savory and delicious and filling. I could eat one every day and still want more. My carnivorous friends really loved it, too.

Teachamantothink 22 days ago


RFD is a saving grace for all vegans and nonvegans alike. The quality of the food and taste is beyond just good. You can safely order anything on the menu and feel confident knowing that it'll be delicious. The lasagna was remarkable and we are from Brooklyn/NJ where lasagna is a right of passage. And here, it was if an Italian grandma was making everything in the kitchen. The sauce was perfect and the ricotta was out of this world. Each bite was heaven and the only negative was when it ended. Definitely will be returning here for every meal to try every item on the menu. Thank you!

Conner 28 days ago

Original RFD Burger

I visited the LAX location—service was friendly and quick. My burger was actually worth every cent. Delicious! I loved the unapologetically spicy jalapeños against the crisp tempeh bacon atop the flavorful moist lentil patty. The bun was toasted and tender brioche, and the salad was ample with a delicious peanut dressing. Would recommend to anyone in terminal 4.

Aginouye 29 days ago

Real Food Salad

Delicious, loved this dish. Had my favorites in one salad.

Songsoftheseasons about 1 month ago

Mediterranean Bowl

This was the perfect airplane food for my flight to Heathrow. There was a lot of deliciously flavored food that I ate in three stages and it sustained me til the in flight breakfast. The food was so good I want to buy the cookbook to learn how it was cooked. However I must say that the service was terrible. Before even eating the young woman taking my order said with a sour look on her face, it will take at least 15 minutes to cook. Luckily I was ok with that. But she was incredibly unpleasant when answering other patron's questions, never smiling, acting like she was miserable and that she was bored out of her mind when speaking with people. I hope that management or the owner gets a better handle on their LAX staff. No one wants to be greeted with such negativity when going out to eat!

Jaclynleighallen about 1 month ago

Build Your Own Real Food Breakfast

I love that you can build your own meal here! They rotate their seasonal vegetables and beans and have the best house tahini. My favorite vegan restaurant in LA.

Delemi about 1 month ago

Original RFD Burger

This is by far the best thing on the menu. I try to mix up what I get when I come, but if I can't decide on something, I always choose this!

Delemi about 1 month ago


This caesar is incredible. The croutons make it that much better.

Delemi about 1 month ago


One of my favorite dishes here! I always try to get the nachos when I come. You don't even miss the cheese!

Nataliebunny87 about 1 month ago

Baked Potato Wedges

My husband and I absolutely love the potato wedges. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. So flavorful and delicious. They are the best with Chipotle aioli sauce. Just ask to substitute the sauce.

Cait about 2 months ago


This is seriously THE BEST vegan spot I have found in the area, my boyfriend and I love having date night here.! It's also so fun to bring my family and friends. (Especially the heavy meat eaters that are sceptics of vegan food, and they of course end up loving it!) The cornbread & nachos are always a staple of our table when we come in!

Rileyduncan about 2 months ago


My favorite nachos ever! The cashew cheese is really delicious and the guac is always fresh. So much better than the non-vegan versions TBH.

Tarynmira about 2 months ago

Mushrooms Pizza

Having a gloomy day? The Mushroom Pizza bring smiles. Feeling a little tired? The House 'burger' will show you a will AND a way. Want something salty? The tator tots....order one per person. Trust. Feeling Saucy? The Penne Alfredo is calling your name. Wanna be a big kid? Get the milkshake. Any milkshake. Feeling indulgent? Get the french toast with berries. Feeling like you want the best vegan food in the city? RFD. Look no further.

Audraj13 1 day ago

The Club

I am not vegan and devoured this sandwich! I had no idea vegan could taste so delicious! AND I felt so good eating every last bite of this healthy meal-NO GUILT leaving an empty plate!

Pasadenastringtheory 2 days ago

Spicy Ramen Bowl

I love RFD. I've always loved the food—such high quality. but now that I live so close I go pretty frequently and it's our favorite neighborhood place. Love many dishes and the menu is so extensive that I haven't tried them all. The ramen bowl is one of my go-tos and a ton of food. The bowls are great too. I love creating the custom bowls—you can get 1 grain, 1 protein (seitan, tempeh or tofu), 1 vegetable (so deliciously clean) with incredible sauces like ginger sauce or tahini sauce. My mouth is watering as I write this..

Happynowxx 16 days ago


Cornbread at Real Food Daily is great! It has delicious flavor with the perfect moist texture. I love cornbread, so I've tried it at many restaurants and even baked it myself. This is some of the best cornbread that you will find anywhere.

Liz 16 days ago

Spicy Ramen Bowl

Amazing! Soooooo Good.. So many great ingredients, delicious broth.

Rileyduncan 17 days ago


Pancakes aren't just for breakfast. These are so delish and a really good choice if you're feeling like breakfast for lunch!

Francescasimonemusic 17 days ago


Best nachos I've ever had. Especially with the jackfruit & jalapeños. Love the vegan cheese as well. We come here all the time just for the nachos.

Jrubicine 19 days ago

Breakfast Pizza

Real Food Daily's breakfast pizza is the perfect meal, any time of day! I get it with extra tots and I add hot sauce. So dang good! Now I'm craving it! I'm also thankful that the majority of their dishes are or can be made gluten free, including their pizza. RFD has something for everyone! Thank you guys!!

Jtdmx28 22 days ago

Mediterranean Bowl

The Mediterranean bowl was fantastic. Great to have vegan options at lax.

Mikaelavasey27 24 days ago

Avocado Toast

I love having my avocado toast and they always kill it with theirs. My mouth waters any time I wake up and think of it. Thank you for always making me leave happy and satisfied!!!

Bnahlmark 29 days ago


SO so good! Service is always spectacular, and this dish in particular is popular. Now I know why. The mushrooms are to die for. Crust is perfectly crisp.

Brynn 29 days ago


The lasagna was so delicious! It was poured on with an amazing tomato sauce. I enjoyed the ricotta cheese and mushrooms! Cooked to perfection. I def will come back and reorder.

Rachelleighfreemam about 1 month ago

Grilled Cheese

Totally hit the spot!!!

Kchoppe about 1 month ago


Best Vegan Lasagna.! Scratch that - one of the best lasagna's period. This is one of those vegan meals you can bring to your non-vegan friends and they will never know it's cruelty free. Nice portion size and lots of sauce. Ricotta "cheese" is insane, how do they do it?!

Delemi about 1 month ago


An RFD classic. I always recommend for friends to get this as a comfort food.

Delemi about 1 month ago

Baked Mac and Cheese

THIS IS SO YUMMY! I get it very often - the perfect dish to hit the spot if you're craving mac and cheese!

Coconutjenn7 about 1 month ago


The nachos with cashew cheese is amazing!! I can eat that cheese all by itself. There used to be a quesadilla with cashew cheese and lentils on the menu that was heavenly. Is that on seasonal menu?

Maythaleshaghian about 2 months ago

Mushrooms Pizza

I have to say real food daily is hands down one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. I practically call this place my second home. I love this place so much that you can find me here at least twice a week. My favorite dishes are the Mac and cheese, mushroom pizza and the nachos. Who would want real cheese when there is a restaurant like this that makes better cheese that is vegan! Healthy and cozy restaurant with amazing servers that are so hospitable. My type of restaurant. Highly recommend this place to my friends and family always!

Azul about 2 months ago

The Club

Perfectly layered ! Flavors taste REAL. It's not a bunch of frozen ingredients put together or an abundance of added in binders and "meat" flavors . Just a great balance of comfort and nutrients .

Lilitimim about 2 months ago

Argentine BBQ

Reminds me of Argentina! Packed with flavor!

Nikolesmith21 about 2 months ago

Mediterranean Bowl

This by far is one of the best salads I have ever had! In fact we drove from Tustin Ranch today just to have it again and my mouth is watering. The almond feta is soooooo good! We have tried other items from this restaurant in the past and everything is healthy and delicious. So happy to have a vegan friendly restaurant that does not make you feel unhealthy.


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