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Nataliebunny87 3 days ago

Baked Potato Wedges

My husband and I absolutely love the potato wedges. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. So flavorful and delicious. They are the best with Chipotle aioli sauce. Just ask to substitute the sauce.

Cait 8 days ago


This is seriously THE BEST vegan spot I have found in the area, my boyfriend and I love having date night here.! It's also so fun to bring my family and friends. (Especially the heavy meat eaters that are sceptics of vegan food, and they of course end up loving it!) The cornbread & nachos are always a staple of our table when we come in!

Rileyduncan 10 days ago


My favorite nachos ever! The cashew cheese is really delicious and the guac is always fresh. So much better than the non-vegan versions TBH.

Tarynmira 14 days ago

Mushrooms Pizza

Having a gloomy day? The Mushroom Pizza bring smiles. Feeling a little tired? The House 'burger' will show you a will AND a way. Want something salty? The tator tots....order one per person. Trust. Feeling Saucy? The Penne Alfredo is calling your name. Wanna be a big kid? Get the milkshake. Any milkshake. Feeling indulgent? Get the french toast with berries. Feeling like you want the best vegan food in the city? RFD. Look no further.

Insightandawareness 15 days ago


I absolutely love this place. I ate here almost weekly when we lived in Pasadena. When we moved to Bakersfield we would do trips out to LA making sure we ate here. Then when we moved to Illinois I make sure we go at least once to RFD on every trip. Every item I have had on this menu is amazing. My favorites are the basic bowls, tuna melt, lasagne, nachos, tofu scramble and waffles. Okay I lied I can go on and on!! Everything is amazing!!!

Fpc241 19 days ago


I thought that the lasagna was absolutely insane! Probably the best vegan lasagna I've ever had and I grew up in Italy/my mom makes me vegan lasagna on the regular. It's that good. Get it!

Roadsidevegan 20 days ago

Breakfast Burrito

This was the best vegan food I've eaten in a very long time. The staff was extremely friendly and the owner was incredibly modest while hustling just as hard as the wait staff was. That's when you know a place is really special... My mother is visiting for the holidays. This year is her two year vegan anniversary since last visiting my wife and I. Before she converted, she was on blood thinning medications with severely high cholesterol. After eating vegan with us during her weeklong visit, (I've been vegan for 5 years) she left in tears and literally changed her whole life around. She's not on blood thinners anymore and in PERFECT health. This was the first place I took her to in California to celebrate her anniversary (I just moved from NYC) and she was blown away! I had the Breakfast Burrito and she had the Almond Tuna Melt. My mom lives in San Antonio, where vegan food is still extremely scarce. So, most of the time she makes her own vegan tuna at home. She was mind blown at how delicious the Almond Tuna Melt was. I will definitely be in here regularly from this moment on. This was my second time ever eating here (my first time was the night before, haha) and it was seriously incredible. Thank you for being so kind and for welcoming us. - Douglas

Rizzorabbit 23 days ago


We go to RFD just for the cornbread!! So so gooooood!!

Kel78belle 25 days ago

The Club

This is a RFD OG original! One of the very first sandwiches I had once I turned vegan and has always been a tried and true favorite. Stacked perfectly with Seitan, avo and tempeh bacon on sourdough bread.

Sharonandream 26 days ago

Breakfast Pizza or Calzone

The breakfast calzone is my favorite calzone of all time! There is absolutely everything right with it. I always try something different on the menu and I am never dissatisfied. Best vegan restaurant in LA

Karlabrooks22 27 days ago


The lasagna is the best! Probably the best vegan lasagna. A must try.

Charisse 29 days ago

The Weekender

It's hard to find vegan breakfast options that include both sweet and savory items in the same meal. The Weekender sure does the trick! I absolutely love it! The hash browns are my favorite part of the meal. And you can't go wrong between choosing the French Toast or pancakes. Highly recommend it!

Maythaleshaghian 8 days ago

Mushrooms Pizza

I have to say real food daily is hands down one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. I practically call this place my second home. I love this place so much that you can find me here at least twice a week. My favorite dishes are the Mac and cheese, mushroom pizza and the nachos. Who would want real cheese when there is a restaurant like this that makes better cheese that is vegan! Healthy and cozy restaurant with amazing servers that are so hospitable. My type of restaurant. Highly recommend this place to my friends and family always!

Azul 9 days ago

The Club

Perfectly layered ! Flavors taste REAL. It's not a bunch of frozen ingredients put together or an abundance of added in binders and "meat" flavors . Just a great balance of comfort and nutrients .

Lilitimim 13 days ago

Argentine BBQ

Reminds me of Argentina! Packed with flavor!

Nikolesmith21 14 days ago

Mediterranean Bowl

This by far is one of the best salads I have ever had! In fact we drove from Tustin Ranch today just to have it again and my mouth is watering. The almond feta is soooooo good! We have tried other items from this restaurant in the past and everything is healthy and delicious. So happy to have a vegan friendly restaurant that does not make you feel unhealthy.

Lchenelia 15 days ago

Butterscotch Pancakes

These are the best pancakes I have ever had in my life. Everyone must go to RFD immediately and try them.

Rachelwalters022 19 days ago


This is by far my favorite vegan nachos I have ever had. I go out if my way to get them. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Freshmankay 21 days ago

The Weekender

The Weekender is one of my favorite brunch/breakfasts! I love that you can get it with chocolate chip pancakes - my favorite type of pancakes - and the meal combines the sweet and savory. I also appreciate that you can choose to get either hashbrowns or fruit depending on what you desire.

Aimee 23 days ago


The lasagna at RFD is one of my favorite things on the menu - it is absolutely scrumptious, baked in the most flavorful tomato sauce! I love to get the lasagna and real food salad for dinner with my hubby - it's enough food for 2! Highly recommend the apple pie ala mode to follow. Yum!

Kel78belle 25 days ago

Almond Tuna Melt

Love this "tuna" melt. Bread was toasted perfectly and the cheese was melty. The chipotle aioli is a nice accompaniment. A great comfort food item for rainy days or anytime. Comes with fries :)

Angelamuscles 26 days ago


Delicious! Very filling. I love real maple syrup.

Vanessa 28 days ago

Mediterranean Bowl

This salad is heaven ! Hearty, salty, and satisfying! It's now my favorite thing to order here !

Jeremyperry17 about 1 month ago

Almond Tuna Melt

Ive been a long-time supporter of RFD for the past 7 years. When it was Ann Gentry and in santa monica. Back when the tuna melt was called "the Charlie". Ive always loved their food and service which keeps me coming back. This sandwhich is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Slightly toasted bread with a delightful take on tuna made of almonds in the middle, companied along with melty cheese and fresh tomatoes...mhm mhm! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Make sure you give this wholezome business and tasty sandwhich a try if you havent already! Located in the hollywood with a very nice dinning area that theyve redone this past year. Real food daily will forever hold a special place in my heart. The travel for myself from south la is far but worth the warm faces, amazing food, and dining experience. Oh! Be sure to try the BASICS AND PECAN PIE! MY absolute favorite. Love yall thanks for all you do! Loyal customer jeremy P.


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