Organic Vegan Cuisine


Country Vegetable Miso gf nf
cup 4 bowl   6

Soup of the Day
cup 4 bowl   6


Corn Grain Bread gf nf sf   2.5

Millet Bread gf nf sf   3.5


Tahini Miso gf nf   2

Carrot Ginger gf   2

Bread ‘n’ Spread  4
w/ Millet Bread gf   5

gf = gluten-free     |     nf = nut-free     |     sf = soy-free      |     raw = raw

Please let us know if you have food allergies. We cannot guarantee that any dish is allergen free, as we are not an allergen free environment.
We pride ourselves on the originality and creativity of our dishes, therefore, no substitutions.