Organic Vegan Cuisine

Real Food

Based on the principles of macrobiotics, the ‘Real Food Meal’ is a balanced selection of foods representing the five elements of Eastern health philosophy.
To maintain the integrity of the plate, please only one substitution.

Real Food Meal gf nf
Brown rice, beans, daily greens, land and sea vegetables, pressed salad, choice of one dressing or sauce 15

Real Food Bargain gf
The Real Food Meal, cup of miso or soup of the day, cornbread, spread 18


Basic Two 9 • Basic Three 11
Basic Four 13 • Basic Five 15
The vegetables, beans & grains are gf sf nf. . Plant proteins are marked with legend.

Choose from 1-5 of the following items.

Veggies 4.50
daily veg
daily greens
garlicky greens
sea vegetables has soy
pressed salad
mashed potatoes w/ gravy has soy

beans & grains 4

Plant Proteins 6
Only one protein per Basic

BURGER gf nf sf
TU-NUT gf sf raw
TEMPEH gf nf
reuben • blackened • taco mix
TOFU gf nf marinated • grilled
club • taco mix
specialty grain
brown rice
daily beans
black beans
spanish rice
soba noodles has gluten

Dressings & Sauces

All dressings and sauces are made fresh on the premises and are all gluten-free 1.5

House nf raw
Caesar nf
Wasabi nf
Balsamic nf sf raw
Lime Cilantro nf sf
Peanut sf
Creamy Pimentón raw
Ranchero nf sf
Marinara nf sf
Golden Gravy nf

gf = gluten-free     |     nf = nut-free     |     sf = soy-free      |     raw = raw

Please let us know if you have food allergies. We cannot guarantee that any dish is allergen free, as we are not an allergen free environment.
We pride ourselves on the originality and creativity of our dishes, therefore, no substitutions.