Organic Vegan Cuisine

Main Courses

Kung Pao gf
Stir-fry vegetables, lotus root, marinated tempeh, spicy ginger garlic sauce, pineapple fried rice, toasted cashews 14

PIZZETTE gf nf sf
Crispy crust, mozzarella, baby spinach, marinara, kalamata olives, basil 15
add mushrooms 2

Supreme Burrito
dry or wet w/ ranchero sauce
Spanish rice, black beans, cashew cheese, tempeh bacon, peppers, onions, tofu sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, whole wheat tortilla 14 add taco mix 3

burrito bowl gf The Supreme without the tortilla 13

Tac-o’ The Town nf
Two crispy tacos, seasoned seitan, onions, peppers, guacamole, pico de gallo, tofu sour cream with spanish rice and black beans 15

Classic Flashback
Two crispy tacos, red chili beans, tempeh, peppers, smoky chipotle cashew cheese, avocado, jicama slaw, spanish rice 15

gf = gluten-free     |     nf = nut-free     |     sf = soy-free      |     raw = raw

Please let us know if you have food allergies. We cannot guarantee that any dish is allergen free, as we are not an allergen free environment.
We pride ourselves on the originality and creativity of our dishes, therefore, no substitutions.