Organic Vegan Cuisine


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  • RFD is my favorite restaurant. I live in Washington, DC, but visit RFD each time I am in LA. Wish we had a RFD here.  –Cleveland
  • I just discovered RFD a month ago....what a tasty find! Would you please post your kid's menu online as well? Thanks!  –becky
  • I will be eating at RFD next week with someone special. It is her favorite place. I have never eaten at a vegan restaurant before. I love meat, fish and dairy. The only vegetable I like is pesto sauce. What do you suggest I order?  –George
    • Sea Cake is what we suggest...or the Lasagne for dinner. See our online menu for details.  –MaryJo Bruce
  • Hi. I visited your restaurant last month in Beverly Hills. I was amazed with the Banana Maca shake... Please list the ingredients with measurements... I'm not sure if I'll ever visit your location anytime soon as I'm from Santa Cruz... Thanks so much!!!  –Juan
    • Thanks for your inquiry ...we can't give the recipe but here are the ingredients: Base of hemp milk, frozen organic banana, maca powder, fresh medjool dates, and cinnamon.  –MaryJo Bruce
  • What brand of Rooibos tea do you use? It's so good and I want to make some at home.  –Caitlin F.
    • The brand is Zhi.  –MaryJo Bruce
  • Do you still have a LAX location? Which terminal?  –Lisa
    • Yes we are at Terminal 4, American Airlines. Happy Travels!  –MaryJo Bruce
    • Yes we are at Teminal 4, American Airlines. Happy Travels!  –MaryJo Bruce
  • Could you publish nutrition information?  –Rusty
    • We have had that request in the past..unfortunately we are unable to provide that information at this time. However our food is non GMO, organic, plant based and cholesterol free.  –Ann
  • The new black bean burger is uninspired. I loved your old burger because it was different than the terrible burgers you buy at the grocery. The RFD price tags are usually worth it because of the quality. This is a huge disappointment. You can do better.  –Courtney
  • I am so happy you brought the Taco the town back!!! Your restaurant is so tiny, make it bigger. Our waitress almost knocked her drink tray on one of my clients head. (Between us, she may have had it coming.) Thank you for the good food!  –Marie
  • I have been on your mailing list for about 3 or 4 years but have never received the birthday invitation that my friend always receives. What do I need to do to get the birthday invitation?  –Debbie