Organic Vegan Cuisine


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  • I am on a low sodium diet for high blood pressure. Is sodium info on menu items available? Thank You.  –Eric Herdan
    • we do not have the nutritional breakdown of our menu. we use quality sea salt sparingly.  –Ann
  • I ordered a delicious lasagna for pick up. Fabulous! It came with some extra marina sauce and a container of what seemed to be olive oil (?) and an empty brown paper bag. I'm guessing perhaps that was supposed to be bread to dip into the olive oil? By the time I discovered the empty bag I was at home and not wiling to drive back having gone to RFD to pick up my order. Strange. However, the food I did get in the bag was absolutely wonderful. I would ask the people packing take out orders to be a bit more mindful when they are packing people's orders.  –Laura
    • Laura, we have a few new people on the counter taking orders and bagging, thus the confusion. we've used this example with them, to be more mindful and follow protocol in packing every bag. thanks for bringing this to our attention.  –Ann
  • What type of sugar and ingredients do you use in your french toast?  –Imogen
    • maple syrup  –Ann
  • My husband and I live on the east coast - yet we have visited Santa Monica often. RFD in Santa Monica has been our favorite "go to" place -- offering diverse, creative vegan cuisine within the ambiance of a community eatery. As we hope to move to the area, we have been looking forward to have RFD within walking distance to enjoy it regularly. So it was with great disappointment I found out today that my favorite place had to close... Please keep us informed about your plans to re-open and I trust and hope that the community will make a special place for a well tested eatery with great vegan food and very expert staff. There is a special need for organic, vegan food plus the menu has become a treat for foodies all around. Tamara  –Tamara
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